A Moment to Reflect


I know it seems as if I’ve been missing for a while because I haven’t written any new post lately. The truth of the matter is that I needed some time, yes time to reflect. The last post “Precious Time”, I somewhat had to vent and air my feelings in order to remove the frustration. Even though I haven’t been writing, I have spoken to some wonderful friends who truly believe in my decision and more importantly, trust God. Continue reading


Precious Time


The last week or so has been some what strange. It has been filled with what I call pings and pangs. I’ve had aches in my knee and thigh joint area. It feels like a quick knife to that particular area that strikes then goes away. The lymph nodes in my chest have been up and down with swelling again. I had two days with an upset stomach which made it hard to drink my juices and I had to resort to eating bread to calm the queasiness. I have no worries because I know that the body with its miraculous healing powers given by God, goes through healing reactions. Healing reactions are temporary symptoms that occur only on deep healing regimens in which the body retraces or goes back and heals old infections, wounds, injuries, or other imbalances from the past. Many are related to eliminating toxic substances, healing chronic infections, or metabolic shifts that take place as a body heals and its vitality increases (Lawrence Wilson, MD, 2013). Despite all, I have given it all to God and continue to feel really good physically. Emotionally, it’s a whole new story. For those who have or will chose this same route for healing be prepared because there will be people who will not support you or have the same level of faith. It could be the very person who you may have loved and supported through thick and thin. This hurts more than words can express but you have got to stick to your guns to stay focused on the path God has given to you.

I knew the decision to not have chemo and radiation would upset some but all I asked for was support. Continue reading

Who me?

Quick health update: as of today I am doing great. I feel awesome, that’s all because over the last few days I have really gotten back into my juicing. I figured that it would be the best way to get rid of the wheezing completely. Although I have not returned to the full fledge 10-13 per day, I do have a goal of 6 juices per day along with my vegetarian diet, from you know God’s original menu. I also have introduced soursop tea 3 times per day with no added sweeteners. FYI: sugar feeds cancer!

I must admit, I was not totally clear on the full direction of this blog in the beginning. I knew I would keep everyone abreast of my health and how I am doing while celebrating God in the mist. I knew I would take you on the journey in my healing from cancer totally trusting God with the provisions he had already promised to us all. As each day goes by and I ponder on how God is using me in this “turn of events” in my life which some would call tragic, I have found fortune. I have found this fortune by listening to that subtle touch or nudge on the shoulder by God that we all sometimes ignore. Well, I didn’t quite ignore it but I did say..Who me? I have never reputed the fact that He is going to use me for His purpose though this trial, I just didn’t know to what magnitude. You know they say He has a sense of humor….So this is how the conversation went (between me and God). Please know that He blessed me with a sense of humor too: Continue reading

Kristi…Smiles From Heaven

I mentioned my friend Kristi in my last post whom I’ve never met and unfortunately will never meet in this life. Reason being, is that Kristi passed away from ovarian cancer in 2011. Her battle began in 2006 and she fought hard all the way to the end. I have come to know of her husband, Brian and their 3 kids Ashley, Nathan, and Emily. This pass April 17th would have been their 20th wedding anniversary. So you may be wondering how I feel as though I know them and how is it that I call her my friend. Well, since starting this blog I have searched the web for other people writing about their experience. I did this to be sure that I am sharing good information and for a source of inspiration for myself. Kristi and Brian have inspired me beyond believe. Even though they chose conventional treatment, their commitment to God, each other, their family and friends is so uplifting. Their blog is titled: Kristi & Brian: Living! with Cancer. I started reading it from the last post which is a video of the funeral service and how Brian and the kids are managing without Kristi, but then decided to start from the beginning. I read it every chance I have an extra moment. It is filled with ups and downs which Brian describes as a pendulum but through it all it’s filled with praising God. And yes, she is gone but I know one day we’ll meet her in heaven. She is now free from the pain and suffering caused by the disease and subsequent treatment. Continue reading

Ugh!!! So sick and tired of cancer

I know the title of this blog has you wondering: what now, so let me give you a quick update on my health first. The wheezing that started last week is getting better as I can only hear or feel it when I take extremely deep breathes. The coughing tried to kick in a little but I think it was just random coughs that we all have from time to time. As for the mucus, it has subsided completely.

Now on to the point and title of this post, but let me set the scene. We had the pleasure of having diner with our fellow friends and photographers, Kevin and Debra at Jason’s Deli downtown yesterday evening. The restaurant has an upstairs, outside deck that is really nice. Moya and I call it the VIP section. You can enjoy your food while people watching, a cool city view, and not to mention the beautiful sun rays beaming in as the sun sets. I call it my sunshine therapy. It is both beautiful and peaceful even when others are present. If you’re like us, each day has new meaning and we appreciate each day for all it’s worth knowing that it is a true blessing from God. Continue reading

He Created Me

The start of a new day…I will commit to writing an update at least once a week. My new goal is to post a new blog each Monday. I wish today I could say that I’m having a wonderful day, but its quite the contrary. Today, I woke up with congestion and heavy mucus in my chest. As my day progressed, I started wheezing again. I’m not sure what that’s all about but it doesn’t feel good. The best word I can think of to describe this feeling is uncomfortable. This was followed by a headache which compounded the unpleasantries.

The one thing that God has constantly reminded me of is that He created me. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that He did not make any mistakes in this process. God in his awesomeness and non fallibility, created me perfectly.

His word is simply truth and we must have faith in every single word in the Bible. God made me perfect, in his likeness without sickness and disease, a truth that I will stand on firmly. Continue reading

By His Stripes, I am healED

March 4, 2013 marked the 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer. What can I say….what a journey.  Now here I stand fighting for my life once again with lung cancer.  As I have shared this journey with my friends and family; I often reflect on the testimonies, wisdom, advice, and life lessons shared in return.  One of my newest and closest sisters in Christ, Anastasia Dallas (click to learn more), reminded me of the scripture Isiah 53:5 …by His stripes we are healed.  I have read and heard this Bible passage many times but never as she defined its meaning.  She intricately pointed to the fact that the word healed is past tense, in other words its already done!  This is when my faith kicked into an even higher gear.

~I truly believe in the word of God.  It is the only truth and the only living truth. Continue reading