A Moment to Reflect


I know it seems as if I’ve been missing for a while because I haven’t written any new post lately. The truth of the matter is that I needed some time, yes time to reflect. The last post “Precious Time”, I somewhat had to vent and air my feelings in order to remove the frustration. Even though I haven’t been writing, I have spoken to some wonderful friends who truly believe in my decision and more importantly, trust God. Continue reading


Ugh!!! So sick and tired of cancer

I know the title of this blog has you wondering: what now, so let me give you a quick update on my health first. The wheezing that started last week is getting better as I can only hear or feel it when I take extremely deep breathes. The coughing tried to kick in a little but I think it was just random coughs that we all have from time to time. As for the mucus, it has subsided completely.

Now on to the point and title of this post, but let me set the scene. We had the pleasure of having diner with our fellow friends and photographers, Kevin and Debra at Jason’s Deli downtown yesterday evening. The restaurant has an upstairs, outside deck that is really nice. Moya and I call it the VIP section. You can enjoy your food while people watching, a cool city view, and not to mention the beautiful sun rays beaming in as the sun sets. I call it my sunshine therapy. It is both beautiful and peaceful even when others are present. If you’re like us, each day has new meaning and we appreciate each day for all it’s worth knowing that it is a true blessing from God. Continue reading