The Cancer You Lose blog was birthed out of a desire to fight or to defeat the chronic disease naturally, one fruit and veggie at a time . At a time in my life when I was preparing my 40th birthday celebration, the dreadful dis-ease of which I was originally diagnosed with when I was 37 had returned to my lungs. During my first rodeo with the dis-ease, I followed all the doctor’s orders that included chemotherapy and surgery. Well, the second rodeo I decided to take matters into my on hands. Let’s do this naturally…. The diagnosis catapulted a journey of holistic healing, higher consciousness of Self and wellness in every aspect of life. When I say every aspect, I mean physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Life did not begin until this new path presented itself in the rear view mirror with me escaping it full speed ahead. Fear no longer existed, I balled it up like a piece of paper needing to be discarded and burned the hell out of it. I figured if doctors were going to gamble with my life, I’ll take my own chances. After countless hours of research, the decision was clear there was nothing to lose; especially since the odds for a full life and statics were low due to where it had migrated….

I am a lover of life, a compassionate soul from within whose focus is constantly on The Creator and who I am as The Creator is in me. I am a conqueror, I am victorious and a few more adjectives that describe the epitome of a profound relationship with Creation, Nature, Life and my experience here at this time in my life.

I wanted to first sincerely thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s a real roller coaster… Whether your seeking tips on how to become a self healing renegade like myself, kicking the standard America diet, healthy tips on cleaning your home without harmful toxins to learning to live life freely because wellness is a “State of Mind”.

Smoochies and Smoothies,



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  1. Ivy says:

    I really like the updates and the new blog site.

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