The Life Worth Living

Come On…Join me Let’s live like there’s no Tomorrow

Are You Ready to Live Life Pura Vida

Yes the pure life, the free life, the liberated life

Don’t let the circumstance or bad news allow discouragement to set in

Be Encouraged!!!!!


While visiting Costa Rica a few summers ago, every where I traveled throughout the country from the central parts all the way to the west coast, the phrase Pura Vida was everywhere. Of course the thought was, what does this mean? Well come to find out it is the country’s motto, a catchy phrase that sums up life of the locals in Costa Rica. Here they live life purely and freely…

This phrase is beyond a truth that everyone in life should experience. The clean and pristine beaches endowed with crystal clear blue waters. Beaches with smooth sea shells that feels therapeutic to walk and lay on, which quickly becomes soft powdery sand are probably in heaven as well. The locals are absolutely the friendliest people I have ever encountered. There are literally no strangers here. And not to mention the natural beauty; the landscape which included everything from waterfalls to volcanoes with natural flowing hot springs.

You see Costa Ricans live everyday in this manner, with this mindset. Remember the saying about having the right mindset or whatever you have your mindset on – happens. Everyone here was enjoying day to day life not matter what their circumstances may be, whether good or bad. They have defined what happiness is, feels and looks like to them. This is a style of living that everyone MUST experience anywhere at anytime. Whether you’re in Costa Rica or any place in the US or for that matter; in the world.

Let’s talk people who have defined what happiness looks like: Campers for instance. You know that old saying “A Happy Camper”. Well as cliché as it may sound, what one experiences while camping has been proven to relieve stress and increase happiness. At 42 million and counting people who are truly Happy Campers love nature, enjoy the outdoors while participating in physical activities and all the perks that come with this lifestyle which include beautiful nature trails to walk, fishing, biking, meeting new people and an abundance of oxygen! When submerged in outdoor activity the oxygen intake of the body increases. Studies show that increased oxygen intake reduces stress and depression. Camping not only exercises the physical body but is great for mental and emotional well being. When out in nature, more oxygen increases serotonin and melatonin levels which promotes a healthy body, mind and spirit. I am a Happy Camper, I love nature!!!

Here’s an example from a different perspective:

Receiving disappointing health new….

Imagine patiently waiting for the doctor to come in to give you the results from a test. Once in the room he or she delivers devastating news with a not so good prognosis. Well at this point an emanate decision has to be made with in seconds…. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  1. wallow in sorrow, dismay and defeat


  1. you make a conscious decision to determine your own truth and decide you’re going to beat whatever “bad” news received whether its anything from pneumonia to a chronic illness that uses harmful chemicals such as chemotherapy to treat.

What you think at that very moment is a thought that is followed by energy. The two combined form a synergy that creates your reality. Your belief becomes your truth by your thinking. What you think becomes what you say which in turn becomes what you do or practice which becomes the reality. Not sure what you’re thinking at this very moment but I’ll take #2 any day.

“Change your Thinking, Change your Life”

How do you do this?

Start by defining what happiness looks and feels like to you. The proud people of Costa Rica have decided that happiness looks like pure life to them… pure meaning clear, clean free of adulteration; living life as it is intended. A person who has received a damning diagnosis determined to beat the dis-ease will live instead of just surviving.

I can’t promise your life will not continue to throw curveballs at you and continue to present challenges, as a matter of fact it may increase. What I can guarantee is that when you change your mindset, the way you think or simply your outlook; your challenges will become opportunities for you to live life Pura Vida…. To Live not just Survive

P.S. Change your state of mind or mindset, your way of thinking and change your life…. Decide what happiness looks like to you and what state of mind you want to have today, better yet




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