2 Hours to Live

Greetings All!!!

Yes, I am still here live and kicking. I must start this new update with the most sincere apology my heart has the capacity to offer. I was so disappointed with myself when I finally logged in again to find that I have not written in 2 years. I ask for forgiveness from those who I may have let down, those whose hope in natural care I myself have extinguished.

The events in my life over the last 2 years have been all over the place, the joy of becoming a grandmother to my handsome grandson, Mansa to the title of this post and a ton of things in between. The in between is what lead to the truth of the title. Yes, I landed myself in the emergency room with doctors telling Moya I would only survive for 2 hours. During the last 2 years I lost my way in my eating habits. I lost myself to emotional stress and just let everything I was initially focused on go by the wayside. My eat habits were to the point of toxicity, eating every thing from corn products to sugar. My sweet tooth took over!!! Another lost of focus contributed to me impatiently wanting to return to what I considered a normal life. I was simply tired of all the rules and regulations.

I will keep this post short but will fill in all the blanks in upcoming post. Needless to say I must press the reset button on my journey. This restart is now filled with even more power and wisdom. Even as I sit here writing I am 3 days out of hospice for the second time. It is my hope that this news will not discourage anyone but encourage all those who are willing to look at the glass as half full.

“All I Do is Win!!!”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasley says:

    Love you guys.

    1. Kari Wilson says:

      Greetings Taz!!! My apology for delay in responding. I have been hard at work refocusing so that I will be done with this thing once and for all!!! We love you too!!! It is so wonderful hearing from you!!!

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