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It has been over a year since my last post. I have been on what some would call a sabbatical from writing but my thoughts and studying has been more intense than ever before in my entire life. First let me give you a health update because I know that is definitely what everyone is anticipating. Well, it’s safe to say I AM still here. The last year has been fueled with many, many ups and downs. It has been a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows coupled with excitement sprinkled with a little gloom. Over a two month period things became pretty rough. I began to lose weight and started experiencing coughing which would be followed by vomiting. Then the next day or two I would feel better then it would start all over again. But through it all I have remained tenacious on my journey. I know this journey will always lead me through unchartered territory but I will keep the course. I have seen and know too many people who have selected to take the path more traveled who are no longer with us in the physical but I have plans and a purpose to fore fill AND I AM not going anywhere until the job is done!!

So what have I been doing as far as my health? I have been simply listening. I have been keeping to my vegetarian lifestyle which moved to vegan then to a more discipline eating style that is tailored to people of my kind from our ancient ancestry. I AM now in tuned with the  teachings of Dr. Sebi who is the ONLY person in the entire world who is  able to use the word cured. I also consume sublingually the CBD component of cannabis which is now legal in all states. I have been taking this for about a month to date. Side note: for those interested I AM also a distributor of this product.

Over the last year I became more and more frustrated with the results of my healing. I felt like I was doing all the right things, eating all the right foods (so I thought) but was not getting the total healing stories that I had read from so many others. This added to the frustrations I had at the very beginning of my journey of not being able to find stories of people who looked like me that I felt I would be able to better relate to exactly what I was going through. Then, just in this last month or so, my loving husband found Dr. Sebi which he had found earlier but do to the lack of information, we went with the Gerson therapy. It had all the bells and whistles like documentaries, testimonies and books all which included people of different races other than my own. Now fast forward to today, most of the food I was eating which where derived from the Gerson therapy are NOT foods that the person of African descent should eat. I further learned that many of the foods that we consume are NOT real, natural foods that were created by nature. The carrot for example was a staple in my eating habits. I drank 6 carrot/apple juices per day and even when I tapered off the Gerson therapy, I still continued to drink this juice. Well put frankly the carrot is not real. It is a hybrid along with rice, wheat, beets, potatoes, celery, tomatoes (except the cherry and plum tomato), oranges, and lemons just to name a few. These grains, fruits and vegetables are a combination of multiple cross breeding that where created in a lab not nature. Now I must pause here because I know you are just as shocked as I was but please do not take my word for face value, I encourage you to do your due diligent studying and research to verify what I AM saying here. You will discover that all foods created are acidic or acid base. All foods naturally created by nature are alkaline. You will further discover that a dis-eased body is an acidic body and that dis-ease can not thrive in an alkaline body. We as people of African descent should only eat the foods that are indigenous to our ancestors otherwise our health is being severely compromised. And this does not mean the African diet of today which is saturated with blood and starch, ie. meat, seafood, rice, beans and potatoes.

The gorilla can not eat the food of the polar bear;

The polar bear can not eat the food of the gorilla.

~Dr. Sebi

In my effort to always be transparent with sharing my story, I must reveal the greatest paradigm shift in my life. The shift, change or better yet awakening for a moment left me in cognitive dissonance. I started this journey with faith in my religious believe as the catalyst of my healing but something else extremely amazing has happened to me over the last year which I can only attribute to clean eating and what I have recently come to realize as my ancestors speaking to me in spirit. The fog that clouded my thinking has cleared. I no longer learn by reading and retaining which happens to be the methodology of todays educational system but I do more critical thinking on any and all subjects. No one can simply tell me something and transform me into one who regurgitates the information. I must now think of the information in my own terms and thought patterns. I feel like I AM using more brain power. This new way of thinking has lead me to examine the world around me and as I began to take a closer look I saw and felt things that were very uncomfortable. For instance, the institution I have trusted all my life that is suppose to heal people actually makes one more sick and places them on the path to a slow death with poisonous drugs. The system I trusted all my life to provide food and water as long as I AM able to afford it has actually compromised the integrity of the food all for profit. This has been done by creating foods in labs, adding harmful chemicals to foods, stores filled with processed foods and by adding chemical waste known as fluoride to the water systems. The air we breathe everyday without thought is being tainted with harmful chemicals and metals such as aluminum and barium. Please do not think for one second those planes flying daily with long trails of “clouds” better known as chem-trails, are doing it for fun. They are releasing these dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere to block the sun in fear of global warming to reduce the temperature of the earth. This inadvertently blocks the suns healing power that we need. Lastly, the religious system I dedicated my life to had deceived me (I will expound on this shortly). I do not mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist here but just take a moment and think about it. The very essentials for life, food, water and air are being compromised.

The next thing that has happened is my position of life and death, to live is death and death is life. When faced with eminent death because I was told that I have a disease that I knew I was not going to be “treated” for I began to look at my relationship with God even more closely. I had to dissect every part of my belief system because the one thing I wanted to be sure of regardless of the outcome is that my soul was secured. So with that and as most of my long time readers know I delved into my bible seeking truth and solidarity. I also, over the past year, began speaking to person after person about healthy living verses a quick fix that became very discouraging when speaking to my Christian counterparts. I thought this would be easy but time after time I spoke I felt no one was listening; all still decided to follow the traditional route. I questioned, “do you even believe in what you are practicing?” I just did not understand. This lead me to set off to search for the true meaning of the god we served. Now it is my hope that I do not lose anyone or turn anyone off from continuing to read my blog. It has been my thought that once I truly opened up to share what I have been feeling that it would do just that, but I ask you to not give up on me now and to just listen to my heart. There is a Sufi proverb sums it all up.

I searched for God and found myself;

I searched for myself and found God.

I have always been one to “think outside the box”. I now realize that there is no box at all. The proverbial box is what we have only created in our minds. The child who has no fear of animals is due to the child’s pure mindset that there is no box, there is nothing to fear because the child has yet to be programmed to fear. My thinking is there is no such thing as disease so there is nothing to fear and that death comes to us all.

Please do not confuse this thought process with some new age thinking or religion of “thinking positive”, “love is light”. This is about the ability to intuit God’s will. Here is what I AM conveying to you:

Think of the ocean as being the Supreme Being/God that most of us know without a doubt exists – Now, dip a glass into the ocean and the glass is now filled with the water; this is you. The glass of water is still the ocean simply in the glass. You are not only one with the Supreme; you are the Supreme in quality NOT quantity. Everything you need in this world to survive, to live this life with purpose is already in you. You must seek the knowledge of Self to activate the Supreme divinity that resides within.

This lead me to overstand my brothers and sisters who I spoke with about self healing. I realized they did not realize who they are and the power within. Religion had become their box. It has taught us to seek outside of self for everything, especially healing. This is why we run to doctors seeking drugs and cures for diseases that do not exist. It is ultimately fear that exists because you have NOT realized the power that is within. Our bodies are the most intriguing aspects of nature that have the ability to heal itself. An animal that is left in nature will never get “cancer” because the animals intuitively eat and live according to their nature and design. When an animal in nature is sick it knows which herbs to seek for healing. However animals in captivity get all kinds of dis-eases and have to depend on its captors for treatment because man does not have the capacity to heal with drugs.

Religion, in my case Christianity, is the very thing that has kept the mind captivated in bondage. Even removing a key component of life which is critical thinking. It does not require you to think simply believe. All religions just like the hybrid foods were created by man. It was not created to save your soul, it was created to control society as a whole. Religion is nothing more that the deification of a culture; the root word of culture being cult. The word religion comes from the Latin word religare which means “to bind or tie down”. Another interesting fact about most religions of the world is that they all share the same story line: the virgin birth, baptism, ministry at 30, 12 disciples, death at 33 and resurrection. There are a least 16 other religions with this story, Jesus just happens to be the last one with the original story predating it by over 5,000 years. Furthermore, the original story is from Ancient Kemet, which is in northeast Africa which is present day Egypt. Our ancestors left the stories depicted on the temple walls many millennia ago when all of Africa was filled with people with dark skin. I know that was a mouth full that hit very close to home and it is not my intent to hurt, chastise or discredit anyone’s belief. I simply say exam it. Although we were trained otherwise, it is okay to question God and why would you not, doesn’t God have all the answers…… (just another point I pondered)

In conclusion, in lieu of this being an extremely long post I will leave my thoughts right here in hopes that those of you who read this in its entirety will begin to probe your thoughts and begin to seek absolute truth in all aspects of your life. I hope you will start with physical healing by eating the proper foods which will lead to both a spiritual and emotional rebirth. This will start the journey of defining Religion v/s Spirituality. My future post will focus on my journey with the teachings of Dr. Sebi following the recommended nutritional guide. I hope you will stay tuned to gather more insight on this natural modality of healing that is designed by nature itself. In the meantime, look up Dr. Sebi on the internet and on Youtube to view some of his lectures on healing.

We are One

~Kari, I have not changed, I simply woke up


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  1. Tas says:

    Kari, I get it. Continue to tell your story.

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