Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going

I know you all are wondering where have I been and what the heck is going on? Well, pretty much what I thought would be a journey to heal from cancer has turned into a full expedition which encompasses both spiritual and physical restoration. I ventured down this path in life due to an illness or dis-ease in my body with a dedicated since of purpose to discover not only how to rid myself of it but to find out why so that I may heal from it forever. My concentration in the beginning was completely penetrated on healing my body. This is where I have come to the realization that the road has extended itself into a wider yet more defined path, an extended journey that is close enough for me to see the end even though I’m not there yet. I know this may all sound metaphoric but I want to be sure my delivery of this post is clear. Healing the body could not be fully attained without first healing the mind and soul with knowing thyself as the foundation. If you do not fully know your inner self, who you are, and where your from complete healing is only a dream you temporarily speak into existence. The proverb that teaches of power in the tongue is true but to grasp the total experience of this power; to harness the power fueled by your inner greatness is to know yourself starting from within. You see we sometimes confuse education with literacy. What I mean by this is that we are literate in who we are according to someone else’s account. Education comes from within when you seek true knowledge in life without the force fed methods we have become so accustom to via school, media, etc. When facing dis-ease or any challenge in life for that matter, remove other person’s opinions, doctors, science, statistics, even religion or anything else that keeps you from looking within yourself. This is when you will find the zeal to rebuild a strong foundation of who you are and the power given to you by The Creator who is imparted in you. It is my intention to not only speak to you while reading but to speak into you. There is a soul deep within us all that is sometimes harder to reach due to the cloak of flesh and immense sense of fear. I know this to be true as it is the only explanation that I could formulate when others are unable to understand why I choose to find my own cure without the “professional” advise of a “trained” physician who is literate in his or her field. I know that there are some whose soul hears and listens to my saying “No, I did not consent to treatment” and some whose brain will take the information quickly process it and the output is “Are you insane”. So I get it and I no longer have the frustratation I once did with the remarks and non verbal language of those who still do not agree with my decision.

So what lead to this ephifany… I truly believe it’s where I’ve been. Last year we took a much needed long, 30 day, vacation to Ecuador. This was totally new to us. We knew no one there and spoke very little Spanish. This vacation morphed itself into a spirit journey hence turning this path in my life to what I can now only express as an expedition. I am reluctant to express why we so urgently felt a need to leave the country and find a sense of peace. It was not only that we just needed to get away but after 15 plus years of trying we were finally expecting our first born together that unfortunately ended during my 7th week of pregnancy with a miscarriage. Despite all we’ve been through dealing with cancer this was the most devastating occurrence in my life. I always dreamed and thought for years what our child together would be like and to finally be on the brink of knowing then it ended suddenly. I still can not formulate the words to describe the hurt but I have found my way of going through this tragedy with my husband. I now know what I thought was not at all possible IS.

Well, for the most part this sums up where I’ve been and with a great effort to keep this post short, I will follow up with where I’m going in the next post. There are some more details on where I’ve been that I will fill you all in on but again for now I’ll keep it short. By the way, we are now in Costa Rica experiencing life on a totally different reality with more to come.

Living Life To The Fullest

Kari & Moya

PS: Cancer is still losing!!!!


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  1. Melissa Williams says:

    I love you Kari !!! I respect the course you have taken your life, as I vicariously live and pray with you and for you..This is your Journey with your husband. .no one walks in your shoes but God and yourself. .in our journey we have the idea to look back for our Gods footsteps…while the whole time we should look more in front of ourselves for our father is walking ahead …so in his footsteps continue in your Journey ..Remembrance of of our heavenly father is the cleansing of our SOUL. The battle isn’t YOURS alone…LOVING YOU ALWAYS, Through our HEAVENLY FATHER on the grace of an ANGELS Wings….. love you cuz!!! Melissa….♡

  2. Dwayne Sims says:

    Oh my lord, my Gresham Park friend. For a while in the 80’s I sat as close to you as I could. I guess because of our last names we were in the same class most of the way through elementary school. I’m sure you made the right decision for you and your husband. I really did break down into tears reading this, because I lost my mom to cancer in 2011, a big part of me died with her. So to hear that you are going through the fight as well makes me cry. I remember all those fun times we had at GP. I think back to our old friends Glemase, Roslyn, Willie, Anthony, Erika, Sacha, Reginald, George Frazier, and so many others, back when it was a good time to be a kid. I as a friend and fellow classmate of GP class of 86 I love you. Keep that beautiful spirit and smile

    1. karimw72 says:

      Hi Dwayne!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Knowing that friends like you read it with thought and reflection is part of my healing that keeps me moving forward. I am deeply sadden to hear about your mom, Mrs. Sims. She was such a wonderful woman. She was always at the school I remember her so well. She is no longer here physically but her spirit will live on, that you can trust.
      And wow I can’t believe it’s been 30 years….we need a reunion!! I really miss the days of care free living as a child. Simply going to school and enjoying friends.

      Much love to you too!!!

  3. shany says:

    Love u kari… look n good girl… i pray God continues 2 bless & keep you

    1. karimw72 says:

      Thanks Shany!!! Love you more!!!

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