His Perfect Will

Before we get started, this will be the last post on canceryoulose.blog.com. I have secured the domain canceryoulose.com which is live now where I will continue to share this journey. The previous post will be moved ensure you are always able to read the post on the new site within the next few weeks. Thank you for your love, prayer, and support.


Yes, another point for Team Kari!! The blood work results were great. All my blood counts and levels were sufficient including thyroid, white blood cell, and T cells. These cells which help fight disease would be destroyed with chemotherapy and radiation. I thank God for the wisdom. Also my blood pressure is still fine at 118/80 with no medication in 7 months. Sometimes I can’t believe I took those pills for 12 years and in those years the prescription was increased 3 times. Anyway, I will have my next CT scan done on June 11th which will give us a view of the lymph nodes and masses. I know I want them to be gone for good but I know God’s Will will be done.

I would be remissed if I didn’t say that somedays I just want to be normal. I truly enjoy this new healthier lifestyle of eating better and more exercise but would like to not feel like I’m fighting for my life (translation: I want a cheese steak or something with extra cheese like a burger, make that a double). My sweet, darling husband bought me some Chicago style popcorn the other day so we treated me!

I know I have to stay focused. In the beginning I had to face the statistical facts of cancer that metastasizes to the lungs and believe me they were not favorable. It is estimated that 228,190 men and women (118,080 men and 110,110 women) will be diagnosed with and 159,480 men and women will die of cancer of the lung (National Cancer Institute, 2013). That’s a whopping 70%!! Now, these numbers only look at the 5 year survival rate so if a person dies after 5 years and 1 day, they are not included in this figure which should lead us to know that the death rate is higher. So with that said I prayed for healing and in the same breath that God’s Perfect Will for my life be forefilled. I was willing to take which ever path He had chosen even leaving this world sooner than I planned. Once my spirit was content with His will; fear, doubt, worry simply disappeared and I felt like life had just begun for me. I thought wow, this is what “no pressure, putting it in Gods’ hands” living feels like. I should have done this a long time ago.

<em>Matthew 6:34, Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.</em>

There is a survey that was given about what people fear the most and I’m sure you have heard that death was number 4. I think that’s only because the survey more than likely did not include people who were facing it one on one. I recall telling someone that I do not fear death. And I truly don’t, this has allowed me to release let go and let God. I have learned to walk all my troubles to the alter and leave them right there with no turning back. You know how we like to turn around to see if we are ahead or to be sure it’s still there at the alter, well when fear is no longer present troubles place will remain at the alter.


I know this post my offend some but I can and am only willing to speak or write the words I hear from the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, it may offend the team I’m on the most: Team I Am A Woman. But here’s the deal, I wondered, how did we get here? A world filled with so much sickness and disease and how is that the richest country in the world is the sickest and most over weight?

Well, I have part of the answer so ladies put on your big girl panties. Last post the Spirit lead us into the creation of Adam and how God breathe the breath of life into him. Then shortly after He decided to create a suitable mate for Adam which we all know was Eve. He said “I will make him a help meet for him”. In essence what has happened is we have removed ourselves from the very role that God created us for, help meet. The Hebrew word for help is ezer. In my opinion it has become another English watered down word like love. The Hebrew language has 3 words to describe love which defines it from a friendship to a higher level of intimacy. The word ezer really has a more in depth meaning which is strength. It is used several times in the Bible to show how God is an ezer to man. Okay, so lets take the word strength. Now, the Hebrew word for meet is k’ ebegdo which has been explained by scholars to mean “exactly corresponding to” like your reflection in a mirror, the same but opposite. She was not designed to be like him but his opposite. Therefore we were designed to be his reflection of strength, have qualities, responsibilities and attributes he lacked. The part that completes him whereas he has his responsibility to provide and we respectfully have ours as nurturer. Both responsibilities are equally important to life that have completely opposite functions but accomplish a common goal in family. I believe we fell short in realization of this in our responsibilities which is in part why we are eating ourselves to death. Somewhere along the line we wanted to become his equal to men. We wanted to do the jobs and demanding the equal pay when we should have focused more on nurturing our homes.

This was me. I worked in retail for 17 years prior to going into healthcare and my goal was to be the Regional Loss Prevention Manager. I was working my way to the top by working countless hours to achieve exceptional measures on company initiatives to meet budgets and increase overall profitability. The countless hours were anywhere from 45 to 60 hours a week once I entered into management. In most cases, I did not mind the long hours because I knew bonus checks came twice a year (big bonus checks!). Think about those number of hours for a moment. Then add hours you are asleep, hours traveling to and from work, and other time doing small things like running errands. My point is when you add all this time up, it’s time that the nurturer of the family is away from the very responsibility that was given to her by God. When I think about this from time to time, I just get sad. I spent all that time away from my family and home thinking I was doing what was good by my family. I worked to make more money to have more things instead of trusting God. Again, I was trusting in my capabilities, what I knew I could do with my hands. Remember I told you guys that God had long prepared me for this road but I just did not realize it at the time. Some years ago, I began to write about why we, woman, was created for man. I simply woke up on morning, opened my Bible, and placed the words on the pages. I never shared my thoughts with anyone nor did I hear what God was saying to me at the time. I should have quit that job that very morning. By the way, I did not find the writings prior to this post but I am going to definitely look for them now.

I was speaking with one of our clients now turned friend, Sheree, the other day and we talked about this subject for a moment. I told her what made me see my responsibilities from a different perspective was the day I baked a loaf of bread. Before cancer, I never would have phantom the idea of baking a loaf of bread but the second I tasted it I could not believe I had gone to the stores all these years to buy a loaf of bread that was filled with chemicals like preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, residue from the bleaching of the flour, and many more ingredients that I can neither spell nor pronounce. I thought, I could have been at home making fresh bread for my family to eat that would contain healthy ingredients. Most of us don’t know that when you eat white bread or wheat bread that is made with bleached flour you might as well turn up a bag of sugar. These breads once digested into your system turn into sugar!!!!. Remember sugar feeds cancer!!!! This is a simple fact that most people with cancer don’t know.

Sheree added even more to this idea. She mentioned how the teachers and administrators spend more time with our children than we do. This is a fact not just an observation. I’m not going to write much on this because this post would be super, duper long. But I will say this, not only are others spending more time with our children but we are sending them to the very institution that has removed some of God’s most endeared laws: The Ten Commandments and prayer. If your are like me, your mind is bursting right now. This is a very deep subject.

This is not to say that it is a woman’s fault why we are here in a sick diseased world but to open our minds and hearts up to what God’s plan and purpose is for our lives. Our place is in our homes. Woman is the gateway to life here on earth our roles must not be taken lightly and exchanged for more riches on earth. The storehouse for riches is in Heaven. We, women and men, must reexamine our responsibly to family which is very precious to God and is under the biggest attack from the adversary.

This is definitely a post that I would like to hear some comments on so please, please let’s keep this conversation going by sharing your thoughts.

I hope to hear from some of you!!!

Love Ya!!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mario says:

    Great post cuz!! Keepin whopping cancer’s butt!!! I hope to see these and future post in a book someday!

  2. Jasmine says:

    That post really make you think… Love your post love u Kari xoxo

  3. Sabroina says:

    I look forward to every post you share as I told you you are my inspiration. As I continue to embrace each day with God’s grace and mercy, I realize our battles aren’t ours and surrendering gives much peace and stronger faith. If we be still, he will speak to us and I’m blessed to have met you;and love and blessings to you in health, strength, and obedience.

    You are my sis*star!!!

  4. Marcia McGrath-Eni says:

    You have been a source of strength in my life. The journey has been rough but God has given us strength to push on. You have certainly inspired me and others. I am living a day at a time by His grace. Let us keep fighting. We are here for a purpose.
    Love you

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