Ugh!!! So sick and tired of cancer

I know the title of this blog has you wondering: what now, so let me give you a quick update on my health first. The wheezing that started last week is getting better as I can only hear or feel it when I take extremely deep breathes. The coughing tried to kick in a little but I think it was just random coughs that we all have from time to time. As for the mucus, it has subsided completely.

Now on to the point and title of this post, but let me set the scene. We had the pleasure of having diner with our fellow friends and photographers, Kevin and Debra at Jason’s Deli downtown yesterday evening. The restaurant has an upstairs, outside deck that is really nice. Moya and I call it the VIP section. You can enjoy your food while people watching, a cool city view, and not to mention the beautiful sun rays beaming in as the sun sets. I call it my sunshine therapy. It is both beautiful and peaceful even when others are present. If you’re like us, each day has new meaning and we appreciate each day for all it’s worth knowing that it is a true blessing from God.

Ok, I know I said I was getting to the point. Anyway, as we completed our order the young lady ask if we would like to donate to one of those cancer societies or organizations. I’m not sure which one she said, but my husband being the nice guy his is said yes. I immediately went into rant mode after she swiped the card and had applied the “donation”. I waited because I wanted him to keep his word and commitment. She asked Kevin too, but he said “no, not after that speech”, sorry Kevin…I’m just passionate about this thing now. Think about this for a moment, these cancer research organizations raise in access of about 5.2 billion dollars per year in their plight to find a “cure” for cancer. (Please note my sarcasm with the quotation marks around cure). And yes you read it correctly 5.2 billion – 9 zeros – 10 figures!!!… Are you kidding me. (In my best southern drawl voice ever! and my cousin Bill voice). Side note, he loves saying “are you kidding me”, and I love imitating him at home. I love you Bill.

There is not that much research in this world. Scientists and doctors are no closer to curing this awful disease than they were over 25 years ago when the term cancer survivor was coined. Furthermore, what they are searching for will only do what all medicines are capable of doing, from cancer to the common cold, which is cover a symptom. There is not one medicine on the market that has “cured” a disease. It infuriates me that these organizations play a role in taking advantage of the most vulnerable time in a cancer patience’s and their loved one’s lives. I dislike all the actives that occur during the month of October. The Komen Foundation has gone to bed with every company I can think of in their goal to raise money, even Kentucky Fried Chicken. How’s that for good health? Come on….really…a pink bucket for fried, greasy, hormone-antibiotic filled, inhumanely raised chicken! There is nothing pretty and pink about having breast cancer. After all the money raised, including the dollar we gave last night, the account labeled breast cancer cure is overdrawn and negative. It is a full month of awareness most of which does not relate to overall health but more of getting mammograms and furthering the efforts on research. The months events includes walks, cheering, waving flags, and wearing t-shirts with cute catch phases like “Save the Tatas”. And let’s not forget the infamous pink ribbon that is worn to show support for those diagnosed with breast cancer. I know the ribbon has been worn for me and my family, a gesture in which we greatly appreciate. However, for me, breast cancer was not a pretty pink ribbon that’s sometimes bejeweled in rhinestones. I even owned a t-shirt that read Cancer Survivor. I trashed it, that’s right…threw it in the trash. It was not even worthy of being donated, no one should have to wear a shirt that says survivor. As if you simply did something, how about conqueror. I once had cancer but I am NOT a survivor. A survivor is defined as a person who has survived an ordeal or great misfortune or a person who incurred a near dead experience and lived to tell about it. My husband and I had a near God experience and we are living to tell you about it. We viewed my cancer as a simple challenge in life that created an opportunity for us to be nearer to God not death. You see when God created us the design was and is very unique. His engineering and creativity cannot and will not ever be surpassed by anything man can make, up to and including the foods we eat and medicines we take to mask symptoms caused by this dreadful foods i.e. McDonalds, BurgerKing, all the processed food in the grocery store, etc. you get where I’m going with this.

Here is what I did feel like at one point, a victim to a society that is more concerned about a few dollars than the health and well being of its fellow man, woman, and child. Then God reminded me that I am Victorious not a victim.

I can rant on and on about this subject, believe me or ask Moya, but God has once again given us wisdom. I was reading the book of Habakkuk and the preface said that he questioned God. His questions were how could God allow the evil nations to prevail over the good ones, even the evil people. How could they appear to be blessed and the righteous were lacking and oppressed by the wealthily evil people. Well, God answered Habakkuk. He told him that their evil doing would not go without judgement and the righteous would prevail.

Habakkuk 3:2 Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy

The large pharmaceutical companies are that evil. There are countless natural cures for cancer that have been researched for years. However simply because these cures are natural therefore can not be patented the companies have no interest in making them widely available to the masses. If there is no patent, there is no huge money making profit potential for these companies. Some have even been quoted as saying that because of this fact, they have no interest in furthering the research on natural cures. The most they have tried to accomplish is an attempt to synthesize, which means they have tried to duplicate the natural characteristics in the form of a chemical or drug, the natural cures in order to obtain a patent. The natural cure does not equal money! A person changing their diets to become healthier and healed does not make them one red penny.

I have warned many newly diagnosed people that when they go to see the round table of physicians which may include a surgeon, an oncologist and a radiologist chances are neither of them will mention anything about your diet. Our diets is what has made us sick in the first place. In all cases, I am batting 100%. They all reported to me that the doctor’s never mentioned a healthy lifestyle. We are worth more to this industry sick than well. Chemotherapy costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. The natural things I take and a healthier lifestyle only cost a fraction of that. By now if I had decided to do chemo and radiation to reduce the tumors, the bill would be soaring. The apricot seeds (click for more info) I eat daily only cost $12 per bag. The seeds are organic and grown in a sustainable way that gives back to the earth. Furthermore, the small farm they come from keeps the farmer aka the little guy and his family fed. The worldly people may view him as the “LittleGuy” but you are big to me.

Lastly, before I sign out on this post, God has changed our lives and used us immensely. This has now become a ministry for us, talk about cool. We are always talking with someone who has or know someone with cancer and are able to share our story. Just yesterday, while sitting in Lottafrutta, where we get our guanabana and pineapple smoothies that are the best in town, better for you and better priced than the other chain places. We get them because guanabana fruit which is called soursop or graviola depending on the country of origin is also a natural cancer cell killing fruit ninja! While enjoying our smoothies, we over heard a young lady ask where could she purchase guanabana fruit. Our radars and antennas went straight up. We had just come from the Farmer’s Market on Buford Hwy., where we purchased a whole half a gallon of the guanabana pulp. We got her attention, her name is Sabrina by the way, and immediately told her where to get it. We knew one of two things, either she was battling cancer or someone she loved was battling cancer. Sabrina was diagnosed with kidney cancer last October and had one of her kidneys removed. She and her husband have been searching for natural ways to keep cancer at bay and changed to a healthier lifestyle. “You go girl”. The conversation was wonderful, we shared our testimony and blessed her with the wisdom that God has given us.

Remember, I told you guys that this is all for a reason. The reason goes beyond what we ever imagined. We would have never talked to a complete stranger. It is awesome how God is using us. We are loving every moment of it and would not change it for anything in this world even, not having cancer. As my friend Kristi would say, you better put your shades on because God’s light is shining brightly and beaming through us. I’ll tell you more about Kristi later but for now she’s a friend that I never met.

This trial has brought us closer to God and to each other.



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  1. Liz says:

    Kari, God is SOOO good! I follow Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s blog and saw your comment. I wanted to read your blog after what you wrote. I needed to find you. I, too, am a believer and love Jesus with all my heart. I’ve been struggling big time with an auto-immune disorder called Polymyositis, diagnosed Feb. of 2012. Lung damage was part of the package and lately I’ve been having more and more trouble. Lots of coughing. Mucus (clear, but regular). And I’m concerned that something is seriously wrong with my lungs. My next appt. is over a month off.

    I’m a huge advocate of natural remedies. I talk about it in my personal blog. But I’m realizing that perhaps I”m not doing enough — so could you help me?

    I’d like to know what you have done and get some advice from you. My immune system is severely compromised and I’ve been trying to boost it as best I can, but I feel as if I’m not doing as much as I need to.

    Thank you for sharing your story, for sharing the love of Jesus and for being you! I look forward to hearing from you.

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