He Created Me

The start of a new day…I will commit to writing an update at least once a week. My new goal is to post a new blog each Monday. I wish today I could say that I’m having a wonderful day, but its quite the contrary. Today, I woke up with congestion and heavy mucus in my chest. As my day progressed, I started wheezing again. I’m not sure what that’s all about but it doesn’t feel good. The best word I can think of to describe this feeling is uncomfortable. This was followed by a headache which compounded the unpleasantries.

The one thing that God has constantly reminded me of is that He created me. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that He did not make any mistakes in this process. God in his awesomeness and non fallibility, created me perfectly.

His word is simply truth and we must have faith in every single word in the Bible. God made me perfect, in his likeness without sickness and disease, a truth that I will stand on firmly.

On the other hand, man is without a doubt fallible. Some of the sickness and disease that we encounter today is of our on doing, not to say that we caused the disease, however we must examine our roles in this. Let’s start with stress, countless research has shown that stress is a major factor in many of today’s ailments. This is the beginning of disease. Then, out of fear, we quickly turn to medications to relieve stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. not every taking the time to dig deep to find the root of the problem or better yet, ask God for guidance. We simply trust in what we are told by others. The physician that prescribed my first high blood pressure medication told me that I would take the medicine for the rest of my life and more than likely the dosage would increase as I got older. Furthermore, we have somehow gotten into a world of convenience. We need everything quickly and right now, a pill to fix an illness and our food. Our diets are depleted of the live, nutrient rich foods God intended for us to eat. We now consume 60% processed foods, 30% meats, 5% starchy foods, and only 5% vegetables. This equals 95% of things we can do without and only 5% of what is essential to a healthier life.
Then when we get sick, we go on to comfort ourselves with a trip to the doctor for meds to place a bandaid over the problem and pray God will heal us. I could sum up all the previous lines in scriptures that we have heard from the disease to the medication:
*Onset of disease – He will not put on you more than you can bear
*Running to medication – fear is not of the Lord
*Trusting in man – God is in control
*Foods we eat – I prayed over it and blessed it
I am here to tell you that none of this matters without FAITH, which can not grow in the presence of fear. I would hope that we have not allowed the word of God become merely “cliche” like saying to one another, but what are these words if they are not backed by faith. I am not by no means judging anyone’s level of faith, but I know the God we serve is faithful to us and loves us unconditionally. We must continually seek him in all things first, including sickness. We must bury ourselves in His word, know His truths, and trust in Him always. God created you, he created this vase and beautiful world, the heavens and the earth; He placed the sun in the sky, the foul of the air, the fish in the sea, and every living creature and saw that it was all good. How could you phantom the idea that He somehow made a mistake when He created us. How could you phantom the idea that He would not provide us all we needed to sustain here on earth even when faced with disease.

I could go on and on, but I will close with this. Prior to being diagnosed with lung cancer, I was on a journey to read the entire Bible. I think reading the whole Bible is just one of the things as Christians we would like to accomplish. I know it’s a late revelation for me, but I’m so glad I decided to do so late rather than never. Anyway, I was so fascinated with the books of Kings and Chronicles. It intrigued me more than ever to get to the next king to see if he would do right in the eyes of The Lord. I would pray that if the preceding king did not do right in the eyes of The Lord, that the next one would. If he did, my heart would rejoice but if he did not I would be saddened. I remembered King Asa in 2 Chronicles starting in chapter 14. King Asa did what was good in the eyes of The Lord. He destroyed the foreign alters, high places, idols, and even cut down the Asherah poles. He commanded all of Judah to seek God. This just delighted my heart. As the story goes on, King Asa was afflicted with a severe disease in his feet in his thirty-ninth year reigning over Judah. Although the disease was severe, he did not seek God; he sought the help of physicians and died the following year.

In all things, seek ye first the kingdom of God….


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