By His Stripes, I am healED

March 4, 2013 marked the 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer. What can I say….what a journey.  Now here I stand fighting for my life once again with lung cancer.  As I have shared this journey with my friends and family; I often reflect on the testimonies, wisdom, advice, and life lessons shared in return.  One of my newest and closest sisters in Christ, Anastasia Dallas (click to learn more), reminded me of the scripture Isiah 53:5 …by His stripes we are healed.  I have read and heard this Bible passage many times but never as she defined its meaning.  She intricately pointed to the fact that the word healed is past tense, in other words its already done!  This is when my faith kicked into an even higher gear.

~I truly believe in the word of God.  It is the only truth and the only living truth.

Here is what we have all been waiting for – On March 1st, I went to have my first follow up x-ray for the lung cancer.  The test was a CT Scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.  The purpose of the test was not only to check the status of the masses in my right lung but to also check to see if the cancer had spread to any other parts of my body in which my doctors believed if left untreated conventionally it would certainly do.  Reminder #1:  when a doctor tells you no, Jesus can (and will with faith) still say yes!

So let me tell you how the day went…  My appointment was at 7:30am at Dekalb Hillandale.  I informed all of the test date.  I received a text from my friend, Jernita prior to leaving home.  She sent me the daily devotional in which she was studying and to say the least it “seemed appropriate for the day”.  Ecclesiastes 7:13, Consider what God has done:  Who can straighten what he has made crook.  I had to agree, this scripture was perfect.  Once again, God was sending me confirmation of His presence in my life as I walk through the valley.  I meditated on this scripture as well as the scripture from Anastasia as I checked in and waited to be taken to the x-ray room.

I was having pressure in my chest and was a little short of breathe.  I felt as though my lymph nodes in the center of my chest were once again swollen therefore pushing against my air way making it harder to breathe.  I have come to learn that when the nodes are swollen, it is the body’s nodes (part of our cleaning system) doing exactly what God created them to do which is remove disease from the body.  This did not cause any alarm for me, as I have mentioned to many of you fear does not live here anymore.  I completed the test with great peace and confidence.  Now it was time to wait for the results.  I was later thinking that I should have scheduled the test so that I would receive my results on the anniversary of the breast cancer but it was schedule for the day after, March 5. Anyway, it didn’t really matter because I knew we were going to be celebrating either way.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! – Tumor #1 has reduced about half in size and Tumor #2 is marked as stable as it has a slight reduction in size.  I have non-affectionately named them THING 1 & THING 2 LOL!  My oncologist was pleased with the results.  She agreed to continue monitoring my progress.  She has truly been wonderful.  There aren’t many physicians who would follow a patient without pressure to get the conventional treatment. She has allowed Moya and I to follow our believe in God for healing without being critical of our decision and has applauded our tenacity and faith.  (Thanks Dr. M, I love you!!)

I had to call my biggest supporters first:  Toia (she was in class) and Bill and Tammy (Shasta).  These two have gone so far above and beyond the call of duty as Christians, cousins, ears to hear, shoulders to cry on, and soooo much more.  They will always have an extremely special place in our hearts! We only hope that they know how much we love and appreciate everything.  This was such an exciting call, Bill answered and I felt as though I could see their smiles through the phone.  They both already knew the news was going to be good.  Toia was equally grateful and thankful to God for the good news. This is what happens in faith, you already know without a doubt when God has worked it out. Reminder #2:  All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

It was initially my plan to text everyone, but I wanted to share with everyone individually. It took me 3 days to call everyone.  It was such a joy in honoring God with all.  Some calls were short and to the point while others lasted for hours.  I enjoyed basking in God’s unending love every minute, every second of each conversation.  Your prayers were heard, felt and received.

If this is the first post you are reading, this was done all WITHOUT conventional medicine. This was and is a true blessing from God.  My faith in Him from the very beginning is what lead to this day.  A day of giving honor and glory to Him for His mercy upon my life.  I sometimes just stop and cry, I can not believe He chose to save me.  What did I do to deserve such mercy and grace?  I will be the first to tell you that there are a lot of things in my life that I am not proud of and a lot more that I have done to fall far from grace but I am a living testimony of his GREAT love for us.  I knew that only God’s love for me could save me from the horrible disease.  So if you are reading and have not accepted Christ as your Savior I would encourage you to ask Him into your life and ask for forgiveness of your sins. He is waiting for you and will meet you just where you are in life.  He’s not waiting for you to come to Him clean, in your Sunday’s best; He wants you in the raw, not only where you are but just as you are.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. missorlandrea says:

    God is good and you are always in my prayers. I love you and Moya. 🙂

  2. Mother Wilson says:

    Getting back to Eden is wonderful. The Grace and Mercy of God takes us there. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His divine love and healing power. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is a blessing to those who read your story.

    Much love,

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