This vs. That

Some may wonder if the decision for me was hard, choosing to do something so totally unconventional and against what has become our “new normal.”  Truthfully the decision was quite easy for me.  I knew with all that God had already done for me and all that He has brought me through, this would be just another trial that would bring glorification to His kingdom.  It doesn’t matter if I am healed on this side of glory or the other, absolutely nothing could compare to the grace that has covered me thus far.  To me its like comparing a single drop of water to all the water in the world’s oceans; from grace here on earth to an eternity with the Father.

Furthermore, let’s take a look at conventional also known as “That”.  “That” would mean depending on man (I think NOT), poisoning my body with toxic chemicals, burning from radiation externally and internally, and being SICK all the time.  As for food, I would not be able to hold in down let alone taste it.  Yes, that’s right chemotherapy deadens the taste buds.  Trusting God to me was and is the only solution.

When I first started with the overhauled change in diet, my days started at 7am and did not stop until 8pm.  Within this time frame, I juiced every hour on the hour which totaled 13 juices; 1 orange, 1 carrot, 6 carrot/apple, and 5 green juices.  I always had oatmeal with fruit for breakfast.  For lunch and dinner it was salad (different combinations), soup, and baked potato or steamed vegetables.  My diet was void of sugar with the exception of 2 teaspoons of maple syrup with my oatmeal, all salt/sodium, breads, anything made with white flour, all dairy products, processed foods, and no animal protein.  This was all coupled with 5 coffee enemas per day. Furthermore, it included a load of supplements which included pancreatin, liver capsules, coenzymes, B-12, and niacin just to name a few.  All in all this change in eating referred back to God’s original plan for our diets.

My “This” simply means that I am choosing God and all the natural foods that He so lovingly blessed us with.

Pslams 25: 20-21 Guard my soul and deliver me, Do not let me be ashamed for I take refuge in You. Let integrity and up righteousness preserve. For I wait on You.

In the first chapter of Daniel, he request not to eat the food assigned to him and the results from eating fruits and vegetables yielded healthier and better nourished than any of the other men who ate the royal food.

So let me share with you all the healing God has blessed me with simply by eating according to His plan:

1.  I no longer have high blood pressure and have not taken any medication for it since my “lung cancer” diagnosis.  Previously, I had taken blood pressure medications for 12 years.

2.  Psoriasis on my scalp has simply disappeared.

3.  I had a fungus in the 2 smallest toes on both feet resulting in brown, brittle toenails.  The fungi is gone and my toenails are no longer discolored.

4.  I have multiple surgery scars that resulted in keloids which were hard lumps and bumps that are now smooth.

5.  My disposition has change for the better.  I am not easily angered any more and just have a better out look on all things that effect my life.  In other words my attitude is much better.  (Moya can testify to this)

6.  My monthly cycles which were nearly unbearable come and go now with ease and little to no discomfort.  Also, my cycles are much, much lighter.  I can do liners only for the duration of my cycle.

7.  Finally, this is extremely disgusting but I promised to share all my news, I have passed 20+ worms. YES, WORMS!!! some as long as 18″.  As you can imagine, I almost fainted when I noticed the first one in the toilet.  This comes with eating properly by no longer giving the parasites foods they like: sugar and processed foods.

More than anything, this tribulation in our lives has resulted in us all being closer to God.  It has made us rely on His every word, blessing, mercifulness, grace, and so much more. The closeness and intimacy in my relationship with Christ is unbelievable, mere words can not explain or express my deepest feeling of truly knowing how wonderful and awesome God is.  Also, the depth of His love, sending His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  What an amazing promise!!!

And I repeat:  All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord!!!


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